aviation maintenance

Aviation Maintenance

Students will work alongside a licensed Airframe and Powerplant mechanic in areas of A&P maintenance, potentially including: inspection, instrument systems, electrical systems, lubrication systems, ignition systems, fuel systems, cooling systems, exhaust systems, propellers, airframe inspection, structures—steel tube fuselage and aluminum frame wing, fabric covering, finishes, welding, fasteners, assembly and rigging. This two-week course is taught by a NACTEC certified teacher, to be joined by an FAA-certified A&P Mechanic. Course potential for dual credit is available through UAF-Community and Technical College.

Aviation Ground School

Aviation Ground School

This dual credit course potential will prepare students for the FAA Practical Knowledge Exam. This course will be offered in a semester-based format, including a hybrid approach with a NACTEC two-week course early in the school year, followed by independent online study throughout the school year. At the end of the school year students return to NACTEC for a three-week review and final test prep in Nome. A week-long Transition Camp will then follow at either UAA or UAF Aviation. Sitting for the FAA Practical Knowledge Exam concludes the year-long training program.
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